My love affairs in Cape Town

My favourite place for breakfast and sundowners in Cape Town 

Love affairs –  haven’t we had them all? It’s  great to look back on them as they always fill you with great joy. Three of my love affairs never seem to end…

Let’s start with my last one – Cape Town. From the minute I landed it was love at first sight. Although I am born and bred in the Netherlands and have lived in the UK, Germany and came back to the UK, South Africa and Cape Town always make my heart beat!

What is so special about Cape Town? The mother city of South Africa has it all! From award winning beaches, nature reserves on your door step, stunning views, amazing sunsets, relaxed life style, good nightlife, great climate, delicious food and great wines. With the Cape Winelands just a stones throw away, what else would you possibly want? A gym to work off the gained calories? No problem finding one of those as there are many good ones around, but the best way to work out is either a run or walk on the beach or hiking up the mountain. Very popular with the Capetonians as they tend to hit the beach or go up the mountain as early as 5am in the summer to kickstart the day.

My perfect day in Cape Town, would start with a run on the beach followed by breakfast on the terrace soaking up the early rays of sunshine and the views over Houtbay Bay followed by setting off to the Cape Winelands for a ‘lazy’ lunch so I would be back just in time for sunset at Llandudno beach.

My other two love affairs – food and travel. They both started at a very young age. I used to map out the holidays for the family and I am famous for my off the beaten track trips. Whether in the country side or in the city. I like to go where my eye takes me. I have been fortunate, that I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and the highlight of my holiday is always meeting the people and local markets. Of course ‘the Terracotta army’ is impressive, but the chinese markets were fascinating.

Food – I never get bored of it. It fascinates me and working my way through a cookery book is one of my favourite reads. There is only one problem. I never stick to a recipe. Not a surprise though as I am a trained chef and I do like to put my own mark on my food. In the Netherlands I  have had my own restaurant and after that in the 90’s I developed food for one or the major retailers in the Netherlands when ready meals were getting popular.  Many of my friends have pleaded with me to start a restaurant in Cambridge. I leave that up to Jamie’s though so I can enjoy the company of my friends over a good meal.

My perfect holiday? There are so many great destinations to go to and every place would be different, but one common dominator would always be – Foodie Haunts. I love food, a good glass of wine or a local tipple, like to stay in boutique hotels from local to 5*, stroll around markets to look at the local produce. If I am near a wine area, I would visit several estates in search for unusual wines and I am always keen to pick up new recipes and ideas so what better than to join somebody in the kitchen.

I never leave home without a camera and a notepad. Nothing is better than looking back on your holiday ‘through the lens’ and ‘taste’ your holiday with the recipe you scribbled down of that delicious dish you had on holiday in one of the restaurants.