Dub Jam Covent Garden London

Covent Gardens Hottest Watering Hole


Dub Jam is the brainchild of London entrepreneur Tom Kidd, the owner of the Adventure bar next door. He transformed the cloakroom from the Adventure Bar next door into a tiny 16-seater rum shack serving rum, Jerk,, Caribbean style food and beach burgers amongst Jamaican kitsch under the sounds of Reggae. When you first walk into Dub Jam you’re not sure what to make of it, but if you like adventure and something different then it will not take long until you fall in love with this place.


20 Bedford Street

London WC2E 9HP

Dub Jam the rum and jerk shack

My review

How often do you stumble across an amazing find? We did last Friday. It was a hot summers night in August. We were in need to quench our thirst. Dinner was booked for half an hour later in the heart of Covent Garden at LIMA Floral so we didn’t want to venture out too far. With a temperature close to 28C, it was obvious that more people had the same thought. Pubs were over flowing and the terraces were packed. We decided to move away from the crowds and were surprised we didn’t have to move away from the busy scene too far. 

Across the road just minutes away from Carluccio’s we spotted a small colourful place. We couldn’t quite see what it was, but it was intriguing. We couldn’t believe our luck. It was a small 16 seater Caribbean shack. Nothing fancy, but a great scene. “Everything is recycled here. The lights are made of buoys” explained the lovely lady, who made our rum punch. No glasses here either. You have to do with recycled colourful painted cans.

Dub Jam Rum cocktails London

Waiting at the bar for our cocktails was a bit of a torture. Delicious smells of Caribbean food were coming out of the kitchen. I couldn’t give into my temptation to sample some of the delicious food as we were off to LIMA Floral, a Peruvian restaurant, not much later.

Having come across Dub Jam was definitely our lucky number. The evening was young and the mood was set for a great summers evening out in London. Cocktails should be the theme that night. So Christopher’s was definitely going to be our last call that night.


p.s. check out their Facebook for their delicious food